148cm Silicone Real Love Doll Sex Dolls In 2021

148cm Silicone Real Love Doll Sex Dolls In 2021

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  • ☘ SKU:ZELEX148G06_02     ☘ Add Date:05/19/2021
    ☘ Manufacturer:ZELEX     ☘ Material:Silicon

Head Processing: 

Lips Style: 


Wigs Style: 


Eyes Style: 

Eyes Color: 

Skin Tone: 

Areola Size: 

Areola Color: 

Finger Nails: 


Vagina Options: 

Vagina Color: 


Pubic Hair Style: 

Toe Nails: 

Foot Style: 

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Once your order is placed we require 2-3 weeks for production and shipping.
After ordering, start production at the factory
Production period is 3 to 5 business days
Shipping period: 5-7 business days

PS:The soft head can be used with the mouth but it is not as the realistic as the hard one, and the implanted eyelashes are also easy to fall off, so we recommend to choose a hard one.

  • ☘ Net Height : 130.00 cm
  • ☘ Net Weight : 27.00 kg
  • ☘ Bust : 73.00 cm
  • ☘ Waist : 57.00 cm
  • ☘ Hips : 80.00 cm
  • ☘ Arm Length : 61.00 cm
  • ☘ Palm Length : 15.00 cm
  • ☘ Shoulder Width : 32.00 cm
  • ☘ Upper Breast : 73.00 cm
  • ☘ Lower Breast : 65.00 cm
  • ☘ Leg Length : 68.00 cm
  • ☘ Feet Length : 21.00 cm
  • ☘ Package Size : 147*47*25 cm
Reviews (4)

by Bruce Needham

Very satisfying, hopefully it will hold up for a year or 2, if not i will definitely purchase the same one.

by Burke Dulles

I like MY DOLL, it makes me happy easy to use it

by Burnell Moore

love this doll and it's my first doll, her body and booty are really good, bring some joy to my life, the delivery was and customer services was outstanding from Joy Love Dolls, my first Dolls experience was very good, money well spent